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Residential Solutions

Go Solar NEC could be the perfect for your home if you’re concerned with rising energy prices.

Business Solutions

Commercial-grade energy solutions that lower costs and create Energy Independence.

Not all homes are suitable for solar.

To determine if solar energy is a good fit for your home, we consider several factors, such as the pitch of your roof, its orientation, and any shading from trees or neighboring buildings. Unlike some companies that may try to install a system that won’t work effectively, Go Solar NEC will provide an honest, upfront assessment.

To get started with your solar assessment, answer the following questions:

  • – Do you own your home?
  • – Are you worried about rising energy rates?
  • – Is your roof less than ten years old?
  • – Can you take advantage of a Federal Tax Credit?

You may qualify if you answered yes to any or all of these questions.

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Benefits of Home Solar Energy

Intelligent Utilization

We put your roof to work. Turn an otherwise unusable space into a powerful, energy-producing asset.

Peace of Mind

Budgets are tight. Knowing your electrical costs eliminates anxiety over rising household expenses. Offsetting utility consumption lowers carbon emissions, which is good for everyone.

Control Energy Costs

With solar, you will create the power to run your home at a reduced price. If utility rates rise, it doesn’t impact you if you generate your own power!